Big Data – The Three V’s Of Big Data
The Three Vs of Big DataWhen you think Big Data, think of the 3VS - Volume, Variety, Velocity. Say it[...]
The Tipping Point Book Summary
The Tipping Point Book Summary - 3 Big Ideas In his book , The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell explores questions that[...]
Big Data – Evolution & Introduction
Introduction: What is Big DataSo what is Big Data? Well, there are several definitions - But essentially, it’s the notion[...]
BlockChain & Steemit
The Block Chain?​ I've been researching blockchain technologies for the past few months now. It started off as a mere[...]
One Up On Wall Street Book Summary
One Up On Wall Street Book Summary - 5 Big Ideas Peter Lynch is a Wall Street legend who believes that[...]
Understanding Supply – ExcitingNomics
Understanding SupplyJust as demand of a product or service is driven by its price – so is its supply. Considering[...]
Understanding Demand – ExcitingNomics
Understanding DemandIf you enjoy eating apples and each apple cost $10 then  you are likely to be very conservative with[...]
The Fundamentals Of Economics – ExcitingNomics
ExcitingNomics - The FundamentalsThere is perhaps nothing more intuitive than the fact that people are more willing to buy at[...]
ExcitingNomics – How Peter Thiel Convinced Me To Study Eco!
ExcitingNomics - Going from Zero To OneI recently wrote a summary on a “Zero To One” - written by paypal[...]
Positioning Book Summary – Are you positioning for power?
Positioning Book Summary - 4 Big IdeasIn a world a where marketing messages are being increasingly ignored due to over-communication, Al[...]

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