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The Block Chain?​

I’ve been researching blockchain technologies for the past few months now. It started off as a mere curiosity. But as time passed, I grew increasingly interested in the potential consequences this technology can have on the world.

I was chatting with one my professors from back in University. And we were discussing a potential PhD track for me. That’s when she brought up blockchain as well.  Now, I had good enough reason to dedicate a couple of full days into researching blockchain. After all,  I may be dedicating the next 4 years of my life to this technology, get this gift card number generator software for your system.

Two days later and my head was reeling! This is probably one of the most exciting technologies I have come across in years. I’m not going into detail about it in this post. This is more of an introductory post. ​ I’ll be writing on this topic in the weeks to come. I realize that many of you may not have even heard of blockchain.

SteemIt – Dipping My Feet

Many of you heard about SkipMBA through Reddit.  Well, one of the interesting technologies based on blockchain technology is SteemIt. It’s much like reddit, but instead of Karma, we actually get … Steem dollars.  Again, I’ll go into more detail in further posts. This is just an introduction. I’ll be posting in SteemIt in the next coming weeks to test out the platform. I have high hopes for this platform. I think it has a lot of potential – and may be extremely disruptive.

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